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The founders of Simweb

Above all, they are two friends who are passionate about travel! We met in high school and remained very close during these 3 years. Our paths separated during higher education but we always stayed in touch in order to bring this project to fruition and take a big leap forward in our lives and create Simweb.

Portrait Alexandre Dovilez

Alexandre Dovilez

How was Simweb born?

During a 6-month stay in the United States as part of my studies: “We were around forty French people.
Of all these people, only 5 of them had a means of telecommunications thanks to their basic telephone plan. For the others, we had to find a solution: we therefore had difficulty for 2-3 days before finding a prepaid card on site.
This is where I realized the need to have an internet envelope to move around, communicate, share and obtain information. For calls and texts, everything happened on applications like WhatsApp. »

Your experience

I hold a Master 2 in management, I am passionate about the world of entrepreneurship. During my studies, I was on numerous occasions in the shoes of a manager, which reinforced my idea of ​​creating my own company.

Simweb therefore allows me to reconcile my passion for the world of aviation, tourism and entrepreneurship. I want to provide a solution to a real problem: by asking around, and through my experience, I realized that very few people know about telecommunications solutions for international travel.

portrait Alexandre Duchateau

Alexandre Duchateau

How was Simweb born?

I realized the importance of communicating with my family during stays abroad and in the DROM-COM (ex DOM-TOM) and all this without breaking the bank (excluding the package) from the first minutes in the country of destination.
I needed an internet connection to communicate and share with my loved ones in real time. The only problem was that I had to wait until I was at the hotel to benefit from this connection. I also wanted to share intense moments during the excursions and that was not possible.

Your experience

After my Baccalaureate, I did an internship in the Air Force which fascinated me and I then returned to work in the family company. Working with family and loved ones has always inspired me!

This is why the collaboration with Alexandre Dovilez was obvious to me: our passion for aviation and tourism brought us together to develop Simweb and solve the problems of international travelers.

Your values

We have a strong work culture, in fact Simweb was born outside of our main activity! We can't count the hours of work and sleepless nights that allowed us to get here! In a few words, we are a passionate and rigorous pair! Our commitment is to provide you with maximum transparency about our company and to optimize the user experience.

The Simweb offer

Cloud Simweb

We offer you a new 100% data telecommunications solution for your travels in Europe and in the DROM-COM (ex DOM-TOM) to allow you to stay in touch with your loved ones, even remotely thanks to one of the best network coverage in the world. .

Simweb sharing

Thanks to this internet envelope, you will be able to make the most of your stay by sharing your experience with your family while you travel and finding out about on-site activities quickly and easily!

Simweb phone

We want to support you during your trip: offer you a list of recommended applications according to your destination countries, a list of places to visit or even tourist partnerships to offer activities at more attractive prices.

Simweb world

Our goal is simple:
To make Simweb the benchmark telecommunications solution for international travel. By the end of 2022, we want to offer an offer to cover the entire world in terms of telecommunications.