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SIMWEB FAQ: eSIM for mobile data

General information eSIM

What is a Simweb eSIM?

The eSIM (embedded SIM) or integrated SIM is a dematerialized SIM card present in compatible smartphones, mobile devices and connected objects. It can easily replace or be added to a SIM card already present on your device. The Simweb eSIM card is ideal for travel, it allows flexibility in your travels and easier management of your internet connection. In fact, the Simweb eSIM allows you to activate a plan wherever you are, without additional costs linked to roaming and without needing to change your physical SIM card.

Find the extent of our offer in our eSIM cards

What is a data plan?

A data plan or data plan is a plan specifically designed to provide access to the Internet on your device over a specific period of time.
At Simweb, you pay for different types of data allowances (from 1 to 50GB depending on the destination) and for different consumption periods (from 7 to 30 days depending on the plan). Flexibility is the key word with the eSIM card. Unlike a subscription, you pay once for the consumption you want and are not charged monthly.

Data packages can be adjusted according to your needs and can be recharged at any time. Whether you go for a week or a month, there is sure to be an offer that suits you.

Find all of our data package offers valid for eSIM cards.

What is an eSIM profile

The eSIM profile corresponds to the digital version of a SIM card. Upon receipt of the QR code corresponding to your Simweb eSIM, an eSIM profile will be installed on your phone to activate your data plan. It will therefore be enough to easily flash the QR code for your device to install the eSIM profile. The eSIM profile allows you to top up your data plan whenever and wherever you want.

eSIM vs SIM Advantages

The Simweb eSIM offers many advantages over a physical SIM card: First of all, it allows you to activate a new plan on a compatible smartphone without changing the physical SIM card, simply by scanning a QR code. The Simweb eSIM allows you to activate your destination's package before your departure and therefore be able to be connected to the internet from the first minutes of your stay.

Before installation

What does 1GB (gigabyte) correspond to?

1GB (Gigabyte) of data represents a unit of measurement used to quantify mobile data consumption. 1GB refers to the amount of data you can download or upload to the Internet.

Here are some examples to better understand what you can do with 1GB of data:
10 hours of internet browsing or
4 hours of social networks or
15 hours of GPS or
24 hours of audio streaming or
1 hour of video streaming or
1 to 2 hours of video calling or

SMS and calls

The Simweb eSIM only offers data plans. Calls and SMS are not available but you can communicate from instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Messenger or others.

Which operators are compatible?

Our Simweb eSIM cards are multi-operator and allow great flexibility for international travelers.
They make it very easy to switch between your current plan and your new Simweb data plan. In fact, there is no need to remove your SIM card or cancel your subscription, the eSIM is added quickly and easily to your compatible device. Find the extent of our rechargeable eSIM offers on our eSIM cards .

Possibility of having several packages?

The Simweb eSIM allows you to activate several plans simultaneously. If you plan to travel to several destinations, simply choose the desired package and recharge your card in due time. Your smartphone will automatically connect to the operator network via the plan usable in the destination where you are.

Installing the Simweb eSIM

Installing the eSIM card will activate the temporary period of the plan.
You must be connected to the internet for the plan to apply correctly to your Simweb eSIM card. Our advice: Install your eSIM card the day before your departure using your wifi network or using the internet connection of your main SIM. It is important to carry out the installation while connected to the internet, in one go without changing interface (this may take a few seconds) and to follow all the steps until complete activation.

For more details, see our installation manual below (which you will also receive by email with your eSIM).

French installation manual

Dutch installation manual

English installation manual

How do I check the compatibility of my smartphone?

From my device settings

On IOS: Go to your settings then “cellular data”. If your iPhone allows you to add an eSIM, it is compatible.

On Android: Go to your settings, then “connection” and “SIM manager” If the smartphone asks you to add an eSIM, it is compatible.

By scanning a QR code

Open your smartphone camera and scan the QR code. If the smartphone asks you to install an eSIM, it is compatible.

This eSIM is fake and will not allow you to complete the installation process.

From the list of compatible smartphones

IPhone: 15 (including Pro Max, Pro, Plus); 14 (including Pro Max, Pro, Plus); 13 (including Pro Max, Pro, mini); 12 (including Pro Max, Pro, mini); 11 (including Pro Max, Pro); XS (including Max); XR; SE 3 (2022); SE 2 (2020) .
iPad: Pro 11″ (1st generation or later); Pro 12.9″ (3rd generation or above); Air (3rd generation or more); iPad (7th generation or above); mini (5th generation or more).

Samsung Galaxy Fold (including Fold, Z Fold 2, Z Fold 3 5G, Z Fold 4, Z Fold 5); Galaxy S (including S20 ultra, S20, S20+, S21 Ultra 5G, S21+ 5G, S21 5G, S22 Ultra, S22+, S22, S23 Ultra, S23+, S23); Galaxy Z Flip (including Z Flip, Z Flip 3 5G Fold, Z Flip 3 5G, Z Flip 4); Galaxy Note (including Note20, Note 20 Ultra); Galaxy A54 5G .
Google Pixel 4, 4a, 4 XL, 5, 6, 6a, 6 Pro, 7, 7a, 7 Pro, 8, 8 Pro, Fold.
Sony Xperia (including 10 III Lite, 1 IV, 5 IV, 10 IV, 1V, 5V, 10V).
Xiaomi 12T Pro, 13, 13 Pro, 13 Lite
Huawei Mate 40 Pro, P40 Pro, P40.
Motorola RAZR 40 Ultra, EDGE 40 Pro, G53 5G, G52J 5G, G53J 5G.
Nokia XR21, G60, X30.
Honor Magic 4 Pro, 5 Pro.
Oppo Find (including X3, X3 Pro, X5, X5 Pro, N2 Flip);
Reno (including 5A, 6 Pro 5G), 155S. Fairphone 4. Sharp Aquos (including R8 Pro, Sense 7, Sense 4 Lite).
Rakuten Mini, Big-S, Big.

After installation

Receiving the eSIM

Once your Simweb order has been completed, you will receive your eSIM automatically by email. The email will also include a link to our installation manual.

Top up my eSIM

Your eSIM card offers two major advantages:

Top-ups when needed: If you run out of data before the allotted period ends, or if you need more connection time, top-up allows you to quickly add additional time and data to your current package.

For your future trips: When you travel to a new country, top-up allows you to add a new package to your existing card.

To recharge your card, log in to your personal account then go to the “our eSIM cards” page. Then select your destination, you can then choose to recharge your eSIM card or order a new one. Refills do not require any handling on your part. When your eSIM card is correctly installed in your phone, the recharged package will automatically be applied to your card, activating the latter's temporary delay. Here too an internet connection is necessary.

Our advice: In the same way as for the first installation, order the recharge the day before or the day you need it.

Track my consumption

To monitor your consumption in real time, go to the “my account” then select “my eSIM cards”. Your remaining consumption will appear.

Time and data limit

When you order a Simweb eSIM, you opt for a defined internet envelope ranging from 1 to 50GB depending on the destination.
If you have used up your entire envelope, you will no longer be able to access the internet. Likewise, our packages have a time limit. The provisional period of the package is triggered when the eSIM card is installed. Make sure you install it at the right time. If you run out of time or data, you can recharge your card instantly.

Sharing the line ?

Do you need to share your connection with your loved ones or on another device? With the Simweb eSIM, connection sharing is possible.

Install my eSIM again

If you have deleted your eSIM card or if you have changed your smartphone and you want to re-install it, go to the “my account” then select “my eSIM cards”. You will then find the QR code necessary for installation. An eSIM profile can only be installed a maximum of 5 times. Beyond that, you will have to think about ordering a new card.