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Our rechargeable and reusable eSIM card gives you an unparalleled experience to stay connected with ease. Immerse yourself in the natural beauty and unique culture of this Pacific archipelago.
Explore the main islands, like Tongatapu, visiting historic sites such as royal tombs and marae (traditional places of worship). Soak up the warm atmosphere of local villages, where you can meet locals and learn about their traditions and crafts. Explore the white sand beaches lined with palm trees, ideal for swimming and snorkeling among coral reefs. Capture every moment of your adventures, share them with your loved ones and stay online, hassle-free, thanks to Simweb. Activate your eSIM in a few simple steps and enjoy the flexibility to top up and reuse for your future getaways to Tonga. With Simweb, enjoy an unforgettable experience during your trip to Tonga!

Verify that you have a compatible device before ordering.

1GB is approximately…

4 hours of social media
1 hour / 2 hours of video call

10 hours of internet browsing
15 hours of GPS

1 hour of video streaming
24 hours of audio streaming