eSIM for professionals

Why choose our eSIM for professionals?

Thanks to our eSIM for professionals, you have connectivity during your occasional trips abroad. For companies wishing to control their costs, increase productivity and offer a reliable and secure connection to their employees, a solution exists: our group purchasing offer which can be viewed on our eSIM cards .

Control your costs with our eSIM card for professionals

Saving money is essential for a business that wants to be sustainable. We know that sending your employees and collaborators abroad has a significant cost. At Simweb, business travel can be economically profitable in just a few clicks. Your business will no longer need to take out subscriptions for occasional trips thanks to the eSIM card for professionals.

The data plans included in our eSIM cards are considerably cheaper than subscriptions. Worse still, roaming charges or data roaming charges are exorbitant.

To avoid this, there is nothing like making a single payment for a data plan for a limited period of time according to your needs.

So your business trips and seminars abroad will never have been so profitable.

Controlling your costs is important, and the eSIM card with a cellular data plan is the most economical approach to staying connected and productive.

So, your business trips and seminars abroad will never have been so profitable thanks to our eSIM card for professionals.

From 5 cards purchased, benefit from -20% discount excluding tax!

– 5 GB –

Valid for 15 days


– 10 GB –

Valid for 15 days


– 20 GB –

Valid for 30 days


– 50 GB –

Valid for 30 days


A reliable and secure connection for optimized work thanks to our eSIM cards for professionals.

There is nothing worse for a company than having its confidential data compromised due to the use of an unprotected connection.

To easily overcome this problem, the eSIM card is a good alternative.

Firstly, it allows your employees not to depend on the WI-FI of a hotel or restaurant. These connections are not secure and could tempt hackers. In addition, with an eSIM loaded with a data plan, the connection is more reliable.

Work is therefore assured and your employees will not have their day interrupted by a lack of connection or limited data time per day. Your employees can therefore be reached at any time without location constraints and the quality of the internet connection is necessarily better since it is individual.

Employees connected wherever they are thanks to our eSIM cards for professionals.

What could be better for your business than a productivity gain, even for your employees who have gone abroad? This is what Simweb makes possible thanks to the dematerialized SIM card and its data plan. Your employees will no longer have to waste time in queues at the airport to find a SIM card and top-up. They will no longer have to wait until they arrive at their hotel to depend on their WI-FI connection.

The eSIM can be ordered in advance and activated on site. You avoid wasted time and potential moments without connection. Your employees can easily activate the eSIM card and its data plan, previously assigned by you, as soon as they arrive at the airport. Wherever they are, allow your employees to benefit from a connection and therefore work with complete peace of mind!

eSIM for professionals: flexibility, the key word.

We offer you flexible offers and solutions that will adapt to your expectations. You can choose the period and duration for which you want your employees to activate their eSIM card.

So if something unexpected happens or a trip is canceled, you will use your package later before the deadline. Our dematerialized SIM allows you not to think about the organization and delivery costs. In just a few clicks, you receive eSIM cards ready to use for your employees. Be flexible with your Web eSIM card!

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Your staff can be located anywhere on the planet and still benefit from a stable connection for their work, cheaper for you and immediate for the efficiency of your company.

To respect your budget and manage your performance even when sending your employees abroad, use the form below to find out about our bundled offers.